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Amy frequently appears in the media as a trusted commentator on global trends in technology, the workplace, government, national security and culture and society.  Always provocative, Amy encourages viewers to go beyond mainstream assumptions, and find the surprising potential of the future when we look closely at the signs of change in our world.

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  • Future Proof Podcast with Amy Zalman
    The Anticipation Advantage: Business Learning Institute Future Proof Podcast
    How can professionals today anticipate the future, even when it...
    by Amy Zalman
  • worried about the planet
    CNBC: Worried About the Planet?
    CNBC reports on how to save for the future when...
    by Amy Zalman
  • Strategic Foresight
    Business Day: Importance of aligning reporting standards for effective...
    Business Day Newspaper reports on a renewed interest in reporting...
    by Amy Zalman
  • strategic foresight
    The Negotiation Society Magazine: The Futures Issue
    Negotiation Society Magazine interviews Dr. Amy Zalman as part of...
    by Amy Zalman
  • flying cars
    Cheddar Explores: The Traffic Laws When Cars Can Fly
    Originally published for Cheddar on January 2, 2019. Watch the Original...
    by Amy Zalman
  • predict the future
    How to Predict the Future: Mitigating the Impacts of...
    Toptal interviews Dr. Amy Zalman regarding strategic foresight, trends in...
    by Amy Zalman
  • future of aviation
    ACI: Keynote Address by Dr. Amy Zalman
    Originally published by Joanna Kufedjian for the 2019 World Annual...
    by Amy Zalman
  • CGTN Reviews the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show
    Amy Zalman joins fellow experts to review the 2018 Consumer...
    by Amy Zalman
  • CNBC: The Future of Communications
    by Amy Zalman
  • Engineering & Technology Magazine Interview
    Interview: Amy Zalman By Nick Smith Published in Engineering & Technology Magazine on...
    by Amy Zalman
  • CNBC: Future of Communications
    by Amy Zalman
  • CNBC: The Future of Geopolitics
    by Amy Zalman
  • CNBC: The Future of News
    by Amy Zalman
  • Interview on Efecto Naim: What is Futurology? (Spanish)
    by Amy Zalman
  • CGTN Interview: Will Robots Take Everyone's Job?
    by Amy Zalman
  • Josh Hild Unsplash
    MetLife Global Women's Leadership Forum
    Drive future change by owning your story
    by Amy Zalman
  • CGTN: Technology Companies Need to Help Create New Social...
    Amy joins CGTN to Discuss the Ethical Obligations of Technology...
    by Amy Zalman
  • CNBC: Future of Corporations
    by Amy Zalman
  • Forbes: The Future of Business (Spanish)
    By Ana Paula Flores Read the article on the Forbes website Por...
    by Amy Zalman
  • Nautilus: The Secret to Happiness
    What Technology Can’t Change About Happiness By Adam Piore, September 17,...
    by Amy Zalman
  • CGTN: Weighing in on the Consumer Electronics Show
    Amy joins a panel of experts to discuss the Consumer...
    by Amy Zalman
  • The Atlantic: Why Aren't There More Women Futurists?
    The original article by Rose Eveleth appeared in The Atlantic...
    by Amy Zalman
  • Huffington Post: 7 Top Futurists Make Some Pretty Surprising...
    Read the original article   From smartphone apps that can do seemingly...
    by Amy Zalman
  • Mars is Lovely this Time of Year: Futurists Imagine...
    Published in the Guardian Observer, November 25, 2018 Read the Article Excerpted...
    by Amy Zalman
  • NSBA: Every Business Needs a Strategic Narrative
    Amy joins Jared Nichols and the National Small Business Association...
    by Amy Zalman