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The Future is about People *and* Technology: Why Technological Literacy and Strategic Foresight are both Key Leadership Skills

Technology Literacy and Strategic Foresight go hand in hand. Created by JEShoots for Unsplash.

Technological literacy and strategic foresight are vital partners. Human society is growing more complex and less predictable. This is in large part because of the capabilities and effects of digital technology. Organizational leaders that want to be competitive in this context need two complementary kinds of knowledge: strategic foresight and technological literacy. Technological literacy and…

The Logic of the Huawei Controversy

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The United States is concerned that Chinese telecommunications equipment producer Huawei is under the direct control of the Chinese government, and moreover that Huawei has created ‘back doors’ in its code that would provide Chinese Intelligence access to user information. As a result, all Huawei equipment has been barred from all US networks, and from New Zealand and Australia, which are following the American lead.