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“Amy is a thought leader in tracking and interpreting global trends that will impact our future.”

- Lee Self, President / Renaissance Executive Forums

Amy’s ability to transform conventional thought into liberating, translucent and yet pragmatic narratives is, simply put, inspirational. Our ongoing exchange around alternative futures of governance, security issues and value systems have helped me construct meaningful policy diagnostics and develop conceptual frameworks. I encourage anyone seeking to transform their own thinking and planning for the future to seek out Amy’s guidance and her multidimensional perspective.

- Puruesh Chaudhary, Founder and President / AGAHI

Attendees appreciated the opportunity to think extremely “big picture” about their environment and the future, they experienced the rest of the program as a natural progression out of Amy’s opening keynote, and I saw multiple people seek her out to continue the discussion during the break following her talk, so her ideas clearly piqued their interest! I would definitely recommend working with Amy.

- Anna Ehler, Senior Marketing Manager / John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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