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Amy Zalman’s presentations and workshops inspire participants to move from fear to empowerment in the face of accelerating change and uncertainty.

Never cookie-cutter, Amy’s keynotes are tailored to bring the right mix of information and inspiration that your audiences need. They help audiences move from the passive feeling that the future trends are inevitable, through a practical and inspiring recognition that it is possible to influence how the future unfolds.

She has a passion for sharing not only the most critical trends of our age, but new skills and ways of thinking that empower audiences long after a keynote has ended.

Inspiring, Empathetic, informative

Amy’s keynotes inspire audiences about the possibilities of the future, inform them about what’s up ahead and empower them to begin taking action.

Keynote topics

Inspiring keynotes on how to stop fearing uncertainty and use it to anticipate risk, locate competitive advantage and create the future.

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Virtual Workshops

Amy offers workshops, facilitations and keynote addresses in a virtual environment. We can use your platform or ours.

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Foresight Training

The Foresight Sandbox, founded by Amy, has been offering executive foresight training to senior leaders since 2019.

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    Featured In

    Dr. Zalman provided an essential futurist's view of the global security environment .... Her assistance in helping senior Army leaders understand the impacts and change on the battlefield in 2050 will improve the critical roles of the Army of the future.
    David G. Perkins / Former Commanding General
    Thought provoking and directly relevant to my work. Given the dynamic nature of the world today, the ability of an organization to engage stakeholders and develop a compelling and aspirational strategy for the future has never been more critical.
    Joshua Vogel / Director, Strategy and Performance,U.S. Government
    Amy gave the audience the tools necessary to begin working with their own ideas on strategic foresight. The keynote was exactly what we were looking for ....a wonderful mix of inspirational words and concrete frameworks. The keynote was exactly what we were looking for.
    Lindis Tracey Norlund / Senior Official, Norwegian Financial Management Agency
    Amy’s keynote sparked a spirit of innovation and enthusiasm for the future, while breaking down a complex topic into understandable language. She has a structured and compelling way of telling a story about the future. The keynote expanded perspectives about future trends in marketing and pushed the audience to think about how their own work might have to change.
    Cris Gardner / VP FutureCasting AARP