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The Future is about People *and* Technology: Why Technological Literacy and Strategic Foresight are both Key Leadership Skills

Technology Literacy and Strategic Foresight go hand in hand. Created by JEShoots for Unsplash.

Technological literacy and strategic foresight are vital partners. Human society is growing more complex and less predictable. This is in large part because of the capabilities and effects of digital technology. Organizational leaders that want to be competitive in this context need two complementary kinds of knowledge: strategic foresight and technological literacy. Technological literacy and…

High Powered Collaboration, a New Narrative for Leaders: an Interview with Kare Anderson

Kare Anderson Coaches Leaders to Get from “Me to We”
Kare Anderson has been a leader in communication in virtually every medium there is for over 30 years. She is an Emmy-winning former Wall Street Journal and NBC reporter, the author of a number of books about conflict resolution and collaboration in business, and publishes the online newsletters Moving from Me to We and Say it Better.

Kare’s most powerful communications though, come through in her coaching. She has led issue teams for the Obama 2008 campaign, advised CEOs, professional athletes, and cause advocates. All seek to have their story heard in highly competitive environments.

When we met recently, I immediately knew I’d like to interview Kare about how she uses narrative in her practice. In our few minutes on the phone last week, she offered concise wisdom and specific strategies for using collaborative techniques to achieve preferred outcomes—no small feat in a complex, noisy world.

AZ: How does storytelling and narrati..