CNBC reports on how to save for the future when you’re worried about the planet.

Are you worried about the planet? CNBC suggests not letting your fear control your finances. Especially your saving habits.

Nearly “90% of millennials recognize that man-made climate change is happening, leading some to experience what the American Psychological Association refers to as ‘eco-anxiety’.”

This anxiety has the potential to drastically alter millennial spending habits; more specifically, how millennials save their money for a future they are not optimistic about.

“With the planet at stake, who can blame you for not saving 10% of your income for a future you’re not sure will arrive?”

While some experts may be more pessimistic about our human ability to positively alter the current course of our planet, many others are optimistic.

Amy Zalman, CEO of Prescient LLC, is “cautiously optimistic,” telling CNBC that it is “wiser to prepare for both positive and negative outcomes….to prepare for all possibilities” than to solely focus on the potentially negative future.

In other words, don’t discount the future because of the present trajectory.


While it can be easy to be consumed by pessimistic thinking — especially given the daily headlines — humans need to think about the world they want to live in, and act to make reality reflect it, Zalman says. Just being optimistic is not enough,” she says. “It’s important to have a story about the future of the world that I want to live in that helps me.”

Optimistic thinking is a great start, but if you crave action and you are worried about your future, get in touch with Amy to discuss how to become better prepared for the future you want to live in.