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Non-state State & Power Projections 1997-2021: Infographic

How much does non-state power matter to the future international order? Every four years, the United States National Intelligence Council publishes a set of scenarios set in the distant future to explore how current trends might influence the U.S. strategic position in future decades. The rise of non-state power is consistently projected from the first…

Global Trends and the future of the international order

How long can non-state power rise before it impacts the future of the international order? Summary: Global Trends & the future of the international order in 2040 State governments have recognized the rising power of transnational organizations, businesses and community groups since the 1990s. The rise of non-state actors has been a feature of the…

Technology and Diversity: Human Augmentation Technology in the Workplace

advancing technology and diversity

New Technologies Create New Diversity Issues for Employers and Employees In the last few years, cyborgs and augmented humans have gone from being futuristic sci-fi creatures that we only see in movies–from  Dr. No to Robocop—to a plausible and increasingly visible part of the social and commercial landscape. From smartphones to advanced prosthetics, new technologies hold the…

The Future of Governance & the End of the Public/Private Divide

the future of governance and the end of the public/ private divide

The Future of Public Governance The future may see the economic organism, now typified by the corporation, not only on an equal plane with the state but possibly even superseding it as the dominant form of social organization. The law of corporations, accordingly, might well be considered as a potential constitutional law for the new…

Projecting the Future of the Airport Requires An Open Mind

future of aviation

What is the future of the airport? In her book, The Imaginative Landscape of Christopher Columbus, Valerie Flint observed that Christopher Columbus believed until the end of his life that he had reached the ‘Indies,’ as he had intended. As we know, Columbus was wrong. Yet his assumption was not unreasonable; Columbus based his belief…

How Strategic Foresight Training is Evolving to Meet the Needs of an Era of Emerging Technology

Announcing the Foresight Sandbox: executive training in foresight with a focus on contextualizing technology I am excited to announce that Prescient LLC, the firm I founded last year, has partnered with Arizona State University’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society to provide applied foresight training to help leaders and teams contextualize and anticipate…

The Logic of the Huawei Controversy

global connectivity

The United States is concerned that Chinese telecommunications equipment producer Huawei is under the direct control of the Chinese government, and moreover that Huawei has created ‘back doors’ in its code that would provide Chinese Intelligence access to user information. As a result, all Huawei equipment has been barred from all US networks, and from New Zealand and Australia, which are following the American lead.

Trouble in Paradigms

future change

Paradigm breaking trends are domains in which reality is shaking up our old assumptions faster than we can generate new ones. It includes domains such as: war, peace and security; governance; the human body; the international system; work; and knowledge.