The projects below are areas of ongoing research and activity for me, and intended to conclude in collaborations, published writing or other products. If you are interested in sponsoring workshops, writing or other products that explore these topics, I’d be pleased to hear from you.

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publicization of the private sector


What we think of today as the ‘public sector’ did not begin that way.  This point of history makes an intriguing backdrop for thinking about power shifts today. The UK Parliament, for example, has its roots in the concerns of 13th century nobility and their rebellion against what they saw as the king’s overreach. Nevertheless, nobles, who were also advisors to the King on issues such as diplomacy and trade, slowly evolved to become a body representing not only their own interests, but the rights and interests of others.


Even though this is a radical simplification of history, it provides an intriguing  backdrop to today. There are many signals that today’s private sector leaders and institutions are being pulled into engaging with public, civic issues more intensely. Technological changes are intensifying the pull toward engagement.


Could today’s private sector be next century’s public sector?  In 2019 I will be publishing and speaking on the implications of this possibility.


Imagine that you were tasked today with creating from the ground up the institutional architecture for keeping Americans safe, and national conditions for productivity intact. Would you build the United States State Department, the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security? Or something else?  If you did, would you make it difficult for these and other agencies to share information, work together and use resources effectively? How would you organize institutions so they could effectively operate in a world in which it is often difficult to separate international and domestic activities?


This project will create a workshop or similar opportunity for a diverse group of people ready to think far from the box to design the institutional security architecture for the 21st … and 22nd century, without getting hung up on the legacy issues, laws, or policies of the past.  I will be working on this in 2019 and seeking to bring it to fruition in 2020. 

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